Lotus sutras -01

Atma Namaste

You can Spiritualize your Sexual Union. How?

To Spiritualize Sexual Union with with your partner, simple say, “Namaste! I Salute the divinity within you.!” GMCKS, Experience Being.

Translation of the Explanation :
This sutra has been given to us like a reminder. Many times and in many of our topics we have said that, “only after you realise who you are, the first step of your life begins. Until then, you have never lived”. We had been telling this many times indirectly. The person who has not realised their true self, do not know where they are moving towards. So, progress will be only in the physical plane., It will not be in the spiritual plane. So, inorder to never forget who they are, “at any given situation”, this particular sutra can be used as an example. So, instead of doing the Sexual Union like a physical exercise., even that situation can be connected at the Spiritual plane.

You can Spiritualize your Sexual Union. How? At any situation, you should never forget to recognize the divinity within oneself and respect the divinity within your partner. Even during Sexual Union, if you don’t forget this and keep this concept in your mind, then the attention will not be in the physical interaction, but it will be in the union of the light. This is a very practical sutra. Spiritual people can understand the experience of this sutra. Wish you a great day. Namaste.

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Wish you a great day. Namaste.